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Compactable Motorbike


Tiket Pesawat Paling Besar

Ini adalah tiket pesawat terbesar, seorang anak muda membeli tiket di Internet, dan mencetak tiket tersebut, tapi mungkin dia lupa kalo dia mencetak dengan ukuran super besar 
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Cool SubWay Stations

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Dark, smelly, filthy and crawling with rats – while this may be an accurate description of many subway stations and tunnels around the world, it definitely doesn't apply to Barcelona's Drassanes Station, Stockholm's Tunnelbana, theMunich U-Bahn or 11 other bold, colorful, modern and just plain beautiful stations. Travelers taking these trains can catch a glimpse of a stunning abandoned station in New York, an ancient river under Athens, a nuclear bunker inNorth Korea and much more.

Kievskaya Station, Moscow, Russia


No subway station in the world is quite as elaborate as the ornate Kievskaya, a Moscow Metro station in the Dorogomilovo District. The design, which incorporates marble, decorative chandeliers, gold leafing, scrolled details, mosaics and frescos was chosen in an open competition and built in 1954. The mosaics celebrate the unity between Russia and Ukraine.